June 20, 2024

Traffic and Infractions

The Clerk of the Court collects all traffic fines and distributes the proceeds according to law. The total amount of a traffic fine is made up of amounts required to be paid by Florida Law as well as County and City ordinances.

Important: A traffic payment is due in the Clerk’s office by the compliance date (within 30 days of receipt of the citation). Payments received, regardless of postmark, or made after the compliance date will incur an additional $16.00 late fee and a suspension of license.

Traffic Citation Options

Upon receipt of a traffic ticket for any violation where points may be assessed, you have 30 days from the date of issuance of the ticket to exercise any of one of three options:

Option 1: Pay the Ticket

  • Credit Card/Debit Card online
  • Via Phone easy automated system at 855-984-1187 or 850-547-1100 Ext. 3 to call our office for assistance.
  • Cash in-person
  • Credit Card/Debit Card in person-subject to a convenience assessed by our credit card processing fee vendor per Florida Statutes. The amount is a percentage based on your total fine amount.
  • Money Order in person or by mail (be sure to legibly reference your citation number and name on the MO)
  • No personal checks accepted
  • If you choose to pay the ticket, points are assessed against your Driver’s License.

Option 2: Go To Driver’s Improvement School (Pay Fine & Elect School)

  • Available for Non-CDL drivers only
  • You may not have taken in the last twelve months or more than five times in your lifetime

If you choose to go to school, you must sign the Driver Improvement Course Affidavit Form either online or in paper form. If submitting the paper affidavit form, include a $7.00 payment and file it with the Clerk’s office before making payment or, along with your payment, within 30 days of receiving the ticket (See #2 above). Upon receipt of your affidavit and payment you will be granted an extra 60 days to attend a driver improvement school in the State of Florida. Failure to attend the school or pay the fine will result in suspension of your license and late fees being assessed.

However, no points are assessed against your Driver’s License if you attend a driver improvement school upon approval by your DL State. Please note: Driver School: If you are licensed in any State other than Florida, check with your local DMV to ensure they approve a withhold of points with an out-of-state Driving School Election.

Driver License Check– You may use this link to see if your license is eligible for driver improvement school.

Option 3: Contest the Ticket in Court

If you choose to contest the ticket, you must make your request for a hearing in writing to the Clerk (See #3 above) within 30 days of the date of the citation. You will be notified of your court date via U.S. Mail. Please be sure to provide a valid postal address.

Hearing Request Form

You must mail or e-file the form for contesting in court. 

You may write the Clerk’s Office at:

Sam Bailey, Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller
Holmes County, Florida
PO Box 397
Bonifay, Florida 32425

Fax: 850-547-6630

If you’re court ordered to take traffic school, please click here to select a court approved school.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail tjones@holmesclerk.com or call 850-547-1100 Ext. 3

Pay Traffic Ticket

Click Here to Look Up Ticket

We also accept payments over the phone!! Please dial (855)984-1187 to utilize the easy automated service or 850-547-1100 Ext. 3 to call our office for assistance.

Important Information to Know When Using This Service

  • If the traffic citation is over thirty (30) days old you will not be able to use the online payment system or elect to attend a driver improvement course.
  • A convenience fee will be added to your fine amount when using a credit card online or in person.
  • To avoid points being assessed to your driving record, you may be eligible to attend a defensive driving course. Click here for additional information on Driver Improvement Course.
  • By paying your traffic citation through this service, you are waiving your right to contest the citation in court. In addition, points may be assessed to your driving record.
  • Driver Improvement Course: If you elect to attend a driver improvement course and pay the fine, you must attend a driver improvement course approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Check with your local DMV for details regarding the potential benefit you you). Upon completion of the course, you must file your certificate of completion with the Clerk’s office, regardless of any other instructions you may receive, before your compliance date (not more than 90 days after the date of your citation). Driver improvement courses can be found on the internet. Failure to file your certificate of completion and make the required payment prior to the compliance date will nullify your school election and you will incur additional late fees and charges.
  • If the ticket number you enter has not yet been submitted into our system you may try at a later time.

Tobacco Infraction Information

Upon receipt of an infraction, you have 30 days from the date of issuance to pay the fine and 60 days to complete either the Florida Youth Tobacco Program (free), or the Tobacco Awareness Class ($25) online & return the form to the Clerk’s Office. Please complete the following steps:

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