June 20, 2024

Tax Deeds

The Holmes County Clerk’s Office provides these records in its office as a public service.

If you are interested in bidding at a Tax Deed Sale, it is recommended that you come into the Holmes County Clerk’s Office to physically review the Tax Deed Application file. The Holmes County Clerk’s Office provides these records in its office as a public service. You can also obtain information regarding future tax deed sales by researching the legal ad section of the Holmes County Times-Advertiser.

To find out more about the property address you may view the Holmes County Property Appraiser’s website at www.qpublic.net/holmes.

If you wish to bid on a tax deed, you must appear in person at the sale. Sales begin at 11:00 a.m.

All bids are for cash or cashier’s check ONLY. Business checks are not approved. Pre-approved checks/bank drafts are no longer accepted. Total bid is due at time of sale. If total bid is not paid, a $200.00 deposit or 5% of the bid amount (whichever is greater) MUST be paid immediately following the sale, with the balance paid within 24 hours of the sale. There will be no exceptions.

Successful bidder must pay the following in addition to the bid:

  • Recording fee for Tax Deed ($10.00 for the first page + $8.50 for each additional page), Proof of Publication and Clerk’s Certificate of Mailing ($10.00 for the first page + $8.50 for each additional page)
  • Documentary Stamps for Tax Deed ($.70 per $100 of final bid or a fraction thereof)

Any legal questions you may have regarding the steps required in obtaining clear title on a tax deed or to find out if you are responsible for any liens or mortgages on the property you have purchased will need to be addressed to an attorney.

Potential buyers take the property as is, subject to all matters of which buyer had notice, or could have obtained knowledge, including matters pertaining to current tenants.

ATTENTION: Any opening bid amounts with a * symbol indicates that additional tax amounts will be added to the opening bid. This applies to any sales after November 1st.

Requests for surplus funds lists may be sent to lbryant@holmesclerk.com

Scheduled Sales-NONE AT THIS TIME

Updated 6/3/2024